Live Center Petroware

Enter the Petroware Live Center to follow the progress of your ongoing drilling operations:

Only web browser required: No downloads. No registration. No setup. Any device. Any platform. Anytime.

The site gives immediate access to the live streaming of WITSML data through Log Studio with both Quick Look and advanced gas analysis enabled. It will show live lithology interpretation, shale content, porosity, water saturation, gas concentrations, quality of mud gas data, indicate hydrocarbon seal and differentiate between oil, wet and dry gas. Typical data latency is 5-10 seconds.

Use the site as your corporate control center or follow the operation in privacy from your phone or tablet.

Benefits of automated real-time petrophysics and gas analysis:

  • Quality check of data and equipment
  • Support coring, casing, logging, geosteering and total depth decisions
  • Identify critical zones
  • Reduce duty load on operations geologist, reservoir engineer and petrophysicist
  • Save cost through more accurate and faster information

          Log Studio on large screen     Log Studio on phone